Our Mission

We are a group of professionals who provide training on courses related to Artificial Intelligence like machine learning, deep learning, computer vision etc. There is huge demand for these courses in the industry and there are very few courses that provide quality education. To solve this problem , we have created courses that will help professionals transition from various roles to machine learning roles. The courses are designed such that no prior knowledge of coding is required and any one can start learning irrespective of their background in education. The program is fully online so that everyone can access them from the comfort of their homes and start learning ASAP. We have a team of instructors who have completed their advanced degrees from abroad and have worked in the industry, so they exactly know what the industry expects and what to teach.

A note from the Founder and CEO of AI ALCHEMY

" We want to make quality education in the field of Artificial Intelligence affordable and accessible for everyone"

Events Conducted

  • Seminar on Machine Leaning
  • Seminar on Applications of Machine Learning
  • Data Science Seminar
  • Workshop on Speech Recognition
  • Conversation Intelligence Workshop